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Recommendation and Common Misconceptions

Posted on August 10, 2017 at 12:07 PM Comments comments (120)

"I would highly recommend Susan McMahan as a personal trainer for several reasons. She helped me establish fitness goals and then designed work out sessions specifically for each goal. Workouts were varied and never got boring. The results of my sessions were extremely beneficial. Over the course of 3 weeks, 2 sessions per week, I lost 3.6 pounds and several inches. Susan’s enthusiasm for fitness is contagious!"

Perhaps taking that first step is the most difficult part. Today, I want to assure you that you are not alone. Everyone has concerns when it comes to starting a new fitness program, specifically group classes. Here are just a few of those common misconceptions about group exercise classes, along with reasons why we should not let our fears get the best of us!

1. I need to be in better shape before I start. Now, let's be honest here. Should we all be perfect before we go to church too? The answer is NO. A fitness program is designed to help us improve, to become a better us. No matter what level we are, we ALL have to start somewhere. Today can be the day. It may not be easy, but a start is better than the nothing. Today there may be one step, but tomorrow there may be two, then three, then four! It's one day at a time and one workout at a time folks!

2. Everyone will be watching you. First of all, if everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing, they should not have time to watch you. And if they are busy watching you, either you look fabulous OR they aren't getting much of a workout themselves. Watching isn't going to accomplish much, so if that's what someone else is doing, it's their loss. The truth is, everyone is working out (NOT JUST YOU). At Newport Athletic & Fitness Academy, all of us are busy trying to do the exercises at our own pace, with the best form we can, and to the best of our ability. While a teacher may be there to instruct you on how to do exercises correctly and safely, he/she is not judging you or your current ability level.

3. I cannot do it like the instructor or the other people in class. Remember, if you could do it exactly like the instructor, you'd probably be teaching the class instead of taking it. The instructor has to train and practice to be able to teach you that class, so he/she is working at a completely different level/place to ensure that you receive your best instruction.As far as other people in the class, they had to start somewhere too. If someone else is good at what they do, ask them how they got there. I am sure you will find that, they too, had to have a start. They probably attend class as regularly as they can, and they may even have built up the confidence and knowledge to do some things at home on their own as well.If you are there to learn, you will learn how to do the skills in time. But, it does take some time. Be patient., be attentive and do your best.

4. I don't wanna look like I don't know what I am doing. Once again, you are taking a class. Everyone is there with the same goal, to learn how to be better and feel better. Your fitness level is yours. If you're getting started, don't be afraid to ask because someone beside you may be wondering the same thing. Sure, it may take another minute or so the first few times, but once you understand, you won't have to ask anymore. Who knows? Your asking may help you to know how to help someone else one day.

5. What if I can't keep up with everyone? No one is at the same level. Do what YOU can do. If it's only eight reps today, next week it may be ten. If you can only do jumping jacks for thirty seconds before needing to rest, next week you may be doing forty-five seconds before having to rest. Maybe today you cannot reach past your knees. In a few weeks, you may be reaching your ankles.Not to mention, if your focus is on everyone around you...are you really going to do your best? Probably not. Your only competition is yourself. The only person you need to be stronger than, is the person you were yesterday. That is how you improve.

As you can see, there are common concerns when starting a fitness program. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we can help you do that at Newport Arts and Athletics. CALL (423) 623-4113 to join a class or ask about personal training services.

Newport Arts and Athletics (also known as Newport Dance & Cheer Academy, Inc.) NOW HAS CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINING SERVICES in our Athletic and Fitness Academy!

Posted on June 20, 2017 at 12:31 PM Comments comments (368)
Newport Arts and Athletics (also known as Newport Dance & Cheer Academy, Inc.) NOW HAS CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINING SERVICES in our Athletic and Fitness Academy!

What is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)?

A CPT is an individual with a background and working knowledge of health and fitness. He/she has been tested in their area of expertise and is prepared to help clients achieve their personal best with a personalized fitness plan. The CPT will help clients set goals, identify ways to achieve them, and guide their clients throughout the process.

How could a certified personal trainer benefit you?

1.      You will receive a personalized workout. Your trainer will have an initial meeting with you where he/she will ask you a series of questions about your goals and expectations. He/she will then provide a plan for you based on your schedule and fitness interests.

2.      You will be motivated. You have your own personal coach to assist you, teach you, and encourage you throughout your journey. He/she will help you to keep going when the going gets tough.

3.      Your trainer will be there to teach you. He/she will teach you the proper way to do each exercise and monitor your workouts to ensure that they are safe and appropriate for your body type. He/she will ensure that your workouts are paced to fit your individual needs so that you can continue your new lifestyle with or without a trainer.

4.      A trainer can give you a new perspective on fitness. Your workout will have variety and options that you may have never thought of on your own. He/she has studied to give you multiple options for achieving your goal/s.

5.      You will get the most bang for your buck! With a CPT, you will have an individualized game plan within each workout session. Your trainer will ensure that you accomplish all your body needs during your time with him/her. The trainer has extensive knowledge in how to target specific body parts and how to complete a total body workout in the allotted time given.

6.      Convenience. Your trainer will see what time works best for you and him/her. He/she will give you a few time options to choose from and then allow you to decide what is best for your lifestyle.

Can I afford a personal trainer?

A CPT offers sessions based on your personal fitness goals. At Newport Arts and Athletics, those may be 45-60 minutes in length. Depending on your goals, the time you need to achieve them, and your budget, we can determine what works best for you.

Newport Athletic & Fitness Academy: Certified Personal Trainer, Susan McMahan

Susan is a teacher by nature and has been teaching students of all ages since 1998. She has taught dance, gymnastics and fitness. She is also has a degree in K-8 (highly qualified K-6) Education. Most recently, she received her certification as a personal trainer. Her background in education and dance has given her extensive knowledge in how the body works/moves and how to share that with others.

She feels like she specifically can help individuals with weight loss goals, toning the body, post-pregnancy workouts, post-surgery workouts/recovery, and helping others to gain a healthier lifestyle in general. Nothing like personal experience can prepare you to help others reach a goal, and Susan has been there. Life may throw you a few curve balls along the way, but it is much easier to recover when you are healthy. This means improving your mind, body, and soul. Susan believes that the ability to move and exercise is a gift from God. She says, “It is up to us to use it for good. There are so many voices that want to make us to feel insecure, as if we are not worthy or able, but God is able. When He is for us, who can be against us! With Him, we CAN and we will!”

How can I join Newport Athletic and Fitness Academy and meet a certified personal trainer?

Call (423) 623-4113 to set up an appointment.

Email Susan McMahan at

OR message Susan McMahan on Facebook

Group Fitness Classes

Posted on June 8, 2017 at 12:51 PM Comments comments (88)

Hello friends!

Today’s blog will be information about Newport Athletic and Fitness Academy, a division of Newport Arts and Athletics (NAA). Our new fitness academy offers group fitness classes and NOW personal training for all ages. Today’s blog will specifically cover some details about a few of the group fitness classes that we offer.

1.      Zumba Fitness Classes- Zumba Fitness is a Latin-inspired dance class. Cardio is emphasized through the infusion of dance styles such as: Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and MORE!

Newport Athletic & Fitness Academy has two licensed Zumba Fitness Instructors, Susan McMahan and Juliana Munsey. Both teachers love what they do and enjoy sharing that passion for dance and fitness with their students.

Zumba Fitness classes are recommended for ages 12 and older. All ability levels are welcome! Whether you’re a natural dancer or a dancer at heart, you CAN participate in this class.

A common misconception is that if one has had no dance experience, they are not fit for this class. This could not be further from the truth. As long as you can move, YOU CAN dance. You do not have to match the instructor completely, and you shouldn’t. The instructor does this for a living and is also the choreographer many times, so of course, he/she should know the material and be good at leading it. Fellow classmates will be on different levels. Regular attendees, of course, may know some of the routines better, but you will as well the more you come!

Don’t let the fear of being seen not knowing what you’re doing stop you, because the truth is…everyone (including the instructors) are concentrating on performing the steps, exercising, and most importantly having FUN! All eyes will not be on you, and you will not be singled out in class.

So as soon as we post our schedule is posted, see when you can join us and please do!

2.      High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)/Circuits- HIIT/Circuit classes are offered for students 12 and older. Strength training, cardio, bodyweight exercises, and stretching are combined to create a unique total body workout.

In this unique class, exercises are first demonstrated by the instructor for any new students or returning students who may need a review or learning a new skill. Then, students perform exercises simultaneously or in circuit rotations. The instructor will work out with you so that demonstration is ongoing but may pause to assist/guide students in doing skills correctly. He/she will advise you on modifications depending on your fitness level.

Each exercise is performed in 30-60 second intervals. You do as much as you can physically do well in that time frame. We then rotate to the next exercise. Sometimes exercises are repeated to target a specific muscle.

A HIIT/Circuit routine is great for the individual who likes change because we never do the same workout twice.

3.      Stretch/Relaxation- A stretch/relaxation class is a great way to unwind, relax/relieve tension in the muscles, and cool down/rest muscles after an intense workout. Benefits of stretching include:

·        Injury prevention

·        Increased flexibility/range of motion

·        Prevention of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness)

·        Stress relief

·        Improvement of posture

Our stretch class includes a warmup, deep breathing, Yoga, and stretches that are beneficial to the athlete or average person.

Many muscle injuries occur by simply reaching or turning the wrong way. Increased/regular practice in flexibility/stretching could assist you in having a better range of motion and make it easier to do everyday tasks.

These are just a few of the class offerings at Newport Health and Fitness, a division of Newport Arts and Athletics (also known as Newport Dance & Cheer Academy). For more information on these classes, please contact us at…

Phone (423) 623-4113


Or check us out on Facebook

Thank you for your time!

Newport Arts & Athletics, otherwise known as Newport Dance & Cheer Academy

Posted on June 7, 2017 at 11:28 AM Comments comments (149)
Hello all! This is my first official blog. This blog will be used to tell you about our school and the facelift that we are getting!
I want to introduce you to Newport Arts and Athletics (NAA), otherwise known as Newport Dance & Cheer Academy, Inc. (NDCA). Newport Arts and Athletics is a school that offers instruction in dance, performing arts, gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, and fitness for all ages! The name change is made in order to better communicate the many different things that we offer to the families in and around our community.
We offer these unique things with two convenient downtown locations that are less than one block away from each other. One studio, along with our school office, is located at 232 East Broadway. The other studio space is located at 109 McMahan Avenue.
Now, you may be asking yourself, "What's the big deal? Haven't they always offered activities for children?" The answer is YES, we have always offered activities for children, BUT NOW, we can proudly say that we offer even more for children AND adults!
Here are just a few things you can look forward to doing with NAA:
1. Personal Fitness Training:
We now have a Certified Personal Trainer on staff, as Mrs. Susan McMahan has added this certification to her areas of expertise. Personal Training sessions can now be scheduled to fit your busy schedule and personal needs.
2. Newport Athletic & Fitness Academy:
We have licensed and certified fitness instructors at NAA with group exercise classes. We offer classes in Zumba Fitness, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and more!
3. Newport Martial Arts Academy:
We now have Martial Arts instruction for children and adults with instruction from Grandmaster Charles Allen. He is a tenth degree black belt and has years of experience and wisdom to share with his students. Classes are offered twice a week for anyone who'd like to participate.
4. Newport Dance & Cheer Academy:
We offer dance classes for ALL AGES! Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and more! Be sure to check out our many classes offerings and camps this summer!
We offer cheerleading clinics, cheer coaching, and choreography for schools, rec leagues, and/or all-star programs each year!
5. Preschool Program:
For our preschoolers and tots, we have several things to choose from throughout the year! Ask about our NEWEST "Mommy and Me" Class this SUMMER, our preschool dance class, OR our NEW pre-gymnastics program.
6. Newport Gymnastics Academy:
We pride our teachers in being well trained in safe instruction of floor tumbling and acrobatics. We offer classes for ALL ages in learning everything from a forward roll to a standing tuck. No matter what age or level, we will do our best to help.
Those are just a few of the many things that Newport Arts and Athletics is doing to improve our school offerings for our community. We gladly offer ALL of these things with affordable family pricing so that there is something for everyone in the family!
For more information on what we do, or to join a class, feel free to contact us by:
Phone (423) 623-4113
Email [email protected]
Visit our website (which we are currently working to update)
OR check us out on Facebook
Thanks for taking a peek at the NEW Newport Arts and Athletics, formerly only known as Newport Dance & Cheer Academy! We are proud to say we are growing with you!